Action A.7


Updating and implementing the study designed for the non-invasive introduction of animals into the Regional Park of Sirente Velino and drawing up the Release Program

The objective of this preparatory action, put into effect in the National Action Plan for the Apennine Chamois (Duprè et al, 2002), is to update and implement the previous study (Piano di Idoneità) designed for the area of Sirente-Velino (1997), and the drawing up of the Release Program for the animals in their new habitats. This will result in maximizing the degree of success of the operations aimed at creating the 5th Apennine chamois colony. To re-design these programs, already carried out in the first year of the project by park technicians with the consultancy expertise of researchers from UNISI, the reference for the technical information will be the Guidelines of the Reintroduction Specialist Group from IUCN. This is now accepted internationally as the standard for this type of operation, which foresees a preparatory phase (designing a feasibility study and release program), followed by an operative phase ( the release, monitoring program and result check). Specifically, as far as drawing up the Release Program is concerned, the information originating from the monitoring of the nucleus released in the Monti Sibillini National Park (action C.4) will be used, while for its possible revision, the data relevant to the monitoring of the first nucleus released in the Sirente Velino Regional Park under action C.5 will be used. The Release Program will have to be approved by the relevant authority (Ministry for the Environment) and ISPRA, under the “Permanent Coordination Committee for the Conservation of Rupicapra pyrenaica ornata” (A.2).