Action C.6


Special prophylaxis programs and improvement in the health management of domestic stray animals

Vaccine and anti-parasitic programs on domestic stray chamois in the Abruzzo, Latium and Molise National Park, in the release area of the Sirente Velino, according to the results of the preparatory action A.12, and the farms in the areale expansion zones for the Majella, Gran Sasso Laga and Monti Sibillini. In particular, we can estimate the farms involved, according to the aforementioned methods using improved health management techniques, to be: 9 farms in the Majella National Park (80 cattle and 3,060 sheep and goats), 50 farms in the Abruzzo, Latium and Molise National park (2,100 cattle and 10,500 sheep and goats), 57 farms in the Gran Sasso-Laga National Park (2,700 cattle, 15,000 sheep and goats), and 18 farms in the Monti Sibillini National Park (252 cattle and 5,200 sheep and goats). At least once a year, an anti-parasitic program will be carried out on grazing animals and stray animals and chamois in the release areas and those spread out over the areale.