Action D.7

Creation of an educational program aimed at schools of Protected Areas Project, including an exchange of trips between classes of different countries of the parks.

Construction of a educational program for primary schools of the 5 parks that will include training sessions with teachers, distribution of educational materials-popular, class meetings, tours and/or educational workshops aimed at deepening the knowledge of species and the 'importance of its preservation. At the end of the trail will be organized a final day that will allow classes to share their experiences and present the work done.

The day will be also a time to raise awareness among adults as they will be invited families and the entire staff of the participating schools. The classes can keep in touch and exchange experiences throughout the course of the project by setting up a mailing list and an electronic forum within the Web site of the D2 action. They will also be organized trips between classes of different countries of the parks involved to exchange experiences. The course material will focus not only on the biology of the species but also on its spatial distribution within the 5 parks, reintroduction programs and and the role of the 5 protected areas in the preservation.

The program will be implemented by the third quarter 2011 to second quarter 2014. At the beginning and end of the trail, will be asked to complete a questionnaire to assess the level of increased knowledge and awareness of the species and on conservation issues.